What you can learn about sex while we do the studying!

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So, we have decided to go back to school for sexology! Why? So that we can give you the most current information while using the perspective of sexology. Sexology is the study of the human sexual response, it is sex positive and basically if it feels good, do it and whether you are alone or with a partner you may explode your sex life and never get bored. Esther has already started and I have some catching up to do. So here goes...I am only going to give you the best of my readings and my homework which you might want to try to explore yourself and have a more satisfying sexual relationship and then share it with your partner and practice together.
So I cracked open the box of books and videos ( a small mountain) and set aside some time and entered sex school

Day 1 Sex school:
Learned about the 5 phases of Sexual Response: Excitement, Plateau,Orgasm,Resolution and Refractory Period. This last phase is where women can learn to be multi-orgasmic. How many orgasms can you have? Ever tried to have more? Men can learn to be multi orgasmic too! Hippee!!
Studied about "Turn-ons". What turns you on? What images, situations, smells excite you? Think about it and replay them in your head as fantasies, or act on them with a willing partner. What about words? Does "dirty talk" excite you?

Masturbation: (Wow, we are getting right into it!)
Did you know that 70% of people use masturbation as the most reliable way to climax? Even babies in the womb touch themselves for self comfort, so why not as an adult? People who are comfortable with masturbation are less likely to have sexual problems. Hmmm...And what a great stress reliever. Plus use it or lose it! Sounds good to me.

My homework today:
Watch 8 (yes 8) videos on masturbation and then try to masturbate using a different method. Try a different place, time of day, change hands, change fantasies, or use other things to masturbate with like silky material, running water (shower massager), vibrators or lubes.
So I am propping up some pillows, bringing out the lube, maybe a toy and getting ready to get to know myself better. The perfect date for one.
Be back later:)