Start Investing in Your Romantic Future Today

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In today's tough economic climate, it seems that romance has fallen off of the priority list for most couples. The sad truth is that the longer we delay focusing on the things that make us happy, like date nights, long weekends and vacations. the more distant and detached we can become. We live in a culture of constant sensory overload and endless To Do lists and it takes a real effort to do things differently.

We spend all of our time worrying about money and using money to keep the bills at bay. What about fun? What about romance? Isn't it time to re-prioritize what's important, what might very well save your relationship? Spending quality time together doesn't have to cost a lot. Spending a couple of hours hanging out at a coffee shop together, going to a movie, or splurging on a date night doesn't have to break the bank, especially if you're prepared.

Our advice: start today. Set aside ten minutes a day to talk about the things that matter most to you as a couple. And every day, put whatever you can, even if it's only the spare change from your pockets, in a piggy bank for safe keeping. This is your new play account - money that is strictly set aside for whatever you want to do together. Spend it once a month and use it for date night, or if you're able, save it up for a couple of months and use it for a getaway. The length of time isn't important, what you do with that time is.

Use time and money to treasure each other, and the compound interest of your savings will be the deepening bond and growing love & passion between you. No bank can promise you that kind of return!