Regular Cardio Can Improve Your Performance in the Bedroom and The Boardroom!

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We read a really interesting article today that quotes new studies in another set of benefits for regular cardio workouts. In addition to the fat melting and reflection changing effects 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week can provide, now you may also find that you will be better at your job. How? Well these workouts will improve your memory and attention span, improve your decision making, and make you more productive, since it also improves your time management skills. This is all about how your brain works. Exercise increases your blood dopamine levels, mimicking the medications for ADD, causing improved communication between different segments of your brain. One study also found that cardio 3 times a week has the same effect as the anti depressant Zoloft, without the sexual side effects.

To us this is incredible news. Why? Well, in addition to the traditional choices for workouts, you also have another option - Sex. Consider taking one of our Love Warrior Challenges, where you and your partner commit to being sexual every day for the duration of time you choose. Remember that 30 minutes of climactic sex burns 150 calories. Sure you can go for a jog or a bike ride and you can take the kids too. No one ever died from taking a walk. That said, if you integrate daily sexual activity into your workout routine, you will transform your relationship while improving your mental and physical health.

Consider committing to sexual activity every day and watch your whole world change. Not only will you look and feel better, there's nothing sexier than getting recognition for a job well done, or earning a raise for your increased productivity. Who knows, sex may be your new secret weapon for workplace success!