7 hot ways to use your hands and fingers for HER alone or with a partner!

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Did you know that people who take responsibility for their sexual needs and responses seem to have better sexual adjustment and have fewer sexual problems?
Wow! After watching many videos about self pleasuring, I have made several observations and have many new techniques for you to try! These techniques are great by yourself or, for the men, if you can master hand and mouth techniques, you will have a very happy partner!
About the techniques that I saw and what you should try:
1) Lots of erotic self massages, including genital massage using body oils. Don’t use body lotion as a lube, they are NOT the same! Try touching breasts, genitals, face, and throat at the same time to maximize full body response! You are making love to a whole body, even by yourself!
2) Rub the vaginal labia between your fingers and gently tugging on the lips as you stroke up and down the vulva. Don’t forget lube…Wetter is Better! Use water based lube.
3) Gently tap over the clitoral head and shaft…doesn’t do much for me, but I can see the interest to wake up the clitoris and get blood flowing to the entire region, best done more around the clitoral head as it is sometimes too sensitive to touch directly in the beginning or right after climaxing.
4) Run your fingers through the pubic hair or over the pubic mound in a teasing manner to stimulate the clitoris indirectly. Circles or figure eight motions are great to tease and excite the clitoris. Use your fingers around the vaginal opening and down between the vagina and near the anus (but not inside). The Perineum is very sensitive for many women. (The Perineum is that little skin connection between the vagina and the anus.)
5) Stroke the clitoral shaft between your thumb and fore finger. Kind of like a mini hand job. Now that is a hot technique. The clitoris should harden as you get the pressure right! Gently pull the clitoral shaft starting from the body towards the clitoral head using lube or saliva.
6) Roll the clitoral shaft between your fingers and tug towards the head of the clitoris. Tease the head of the clitoris with the thumb while you tease the opening to the vagina and possibly enter the vagina at the same time. Yum!
7) Use two fingers over the clitoris shaft and head and rub in circular and up and down motion until very wet and the clitoris is hard and you find the tempo and pressure that is going to work to lead to climax! Use a water based lube to keep it slippery!
Ladies, do not stop touching if you are close to orgasm unless you want to learn how to control your orgasmic response. Squeeze your thighs together, rub up against a soft object, try different positions like on your stomach with a pillow under your hips and let yourself enjoy your orgasm!
If you are not completely satisfied, let your body tell you if you want to climax again. Many women can have more than one orgasm, it just takes a little time and patience to get through the refractory stage and get ready to climax again! Tease your way back up to another orgasm!

When having difficulty concentrating, try using a fantasy or video/reading material. The videos are great to get you horny and we suggest educational sex videos instead of traditional porn. Sometimes commercial porn looks so fake that one might feel like they can’t compete because your breasts aren’t big enough, or your weight isn’t “perfect”. Men might feel intimidated by the overly endowed men that are freakishly large. Educational videos use more “real” looking people so you won’t feel less than perfect and you get to learn real techniques that might work for you!
Love your body as it is right NOW! Allow yourself to express your self -love so that you can show a partner what works for you.
Be your own best lover and when you share this with someone else, the sex will be amazing!
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