3 Easy Ways to Keep Love Making Hot While it's Freezing outside!

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So most of the country is freezing their butts off and crushing your libido. After all, who wants to get naked if you are freezing your nipples off? So, here are 3 quick ways to keep it hot while trying to keep warm!

1) Pre heat your bed!
Warm up the sheets with an electric blanket or bed warmer pad. Put it on at least 1/2 hour before you climb in. The nice warm sheets will keep your heat where you need it. Or, use that small electric room heater that we suggested to add to your bedroom equipment!

2) Warm up the lube and toys!
Take a bowl of hot water and put your lubes and massage oils in hot water to bring them closer to your body temperature. Cold lube is a serious mood killer. You wouldn't want to drop an ice cube down your pants in order to get aroused so keep your enhancements warm!

3) Use your own body heat together!
Friction makes heat, so rub up against your lover, rub your feet together, hold and kiss each others hands to warm them and do a total body against body rub with massage oil to get the blood flowing during foreplay.

Last, keep a sheet or throw blanket around to keep exposed body parts warm while making love.
If you are performing oral sex, the rest of your body, or your partners, may get chilly...use the blanket to keep body parts warm and the action will stay HOT!